Yoga for the Eyes

Yoga for the eyes is a set of simple exercises for good eyesight. Regular eye exercises help those who spend a lot of time during the day in front of a computer monitor, working in air-conditioned rooms, and drivers continuously dazzled by car headlights.

When exercises are needed? The eyesight deteriorates in fatigue and after severe stress – we see spots, zigzags, and the image is out of focus. Under stress, the muscles that move the eyeballs are stiffened. Their long-lasting tension causes them to tire and function less effective. Nearly 100 years ago, American ophthalmologist, William H. Bates, the inventor of vision therapy (eye-relaxing exercises) concluded that tension is the main enemy of the eyes and hence relaxation exercises should be done as often as it is possible. Some eye defects (myopia, hyperopia, strabismus) can be corrected with specific eye-relaxing exercises.

We organise workshops for employees with active anti-stress classes and yoga for the eyes.