eyeFIT Treatment

Cosmeceutic is an agent with a medicinal and conditioning effect, which constitutes a separate group of cosmetics. Cosmeceutic is distinguished by its increased amount and high concentration of active (medicinal) substances. They are created using natural ingredients and the latest inventions in biotechnology and pharmacology. eyeFIT compresses are a cosmeceutic.
Compresses can be used in any beauty and SPA treatment:

  • as a relaxation and rest before the treatment
  • as a moisturisation and revitalisation during the treatment
  • as a regenerator for the eyelid skin after the treatment with other cosmetics and body scrubs

Compresses are recommended for people who have problems with dry and tired eyes due to working in air-conditioned rooms and in front of a computer monitor, as well as suffering from the office eye syndrome. They have relaxing properties and, through regular use, support the treatment of diseases caused by mange mites. The most important advantages of using eyeFIT compresses are: immediate moisturisation of the eyes, nourishing and warming eyelid skin revitalisation, and reduction of swellings around the eyes. They are distinguished by their anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, as well as warming and moisturising effects, therefore, their therapeutic effect resembles a relaxing SPA for the eyes.

Be careful not to get burned! Read the instruction.